September 29, 2012

Style Inspiration & Tips

For the past several weeks I have been posting inspiration sets or "what to wear" boards on my Facebook page. I hope you have found my collections inspirational & helpful. My goal is to help you think a little outside of the box when it comes to putting clothing together for your family photography sessions.

Here are some styling tips:
Tip #1 - Wear prints, but VERY carefully
Depending on how many adults & children are photographed, prints should be limited. This collection below is SO overwhelming! Even though the color palette stays within the reds & blues, it's way too busy.

 Below, the three children are wearing prints, but two of them are very simple and all children have layers to break up the print. Adding a solid jacket or vest, as shown here are great ways to break up prints. For dresses, try a solid color belt or tights. 
Tip #2 - Combine Pleasing Palettes
Choose a color palette that is appealing to the eye and translates well through the lens and onto your prints. Also, think about your session surroundings and colors to complement your skin type. I urge you to put the black polos & jeans away for this year. Wear lighter colors where you want to draw attention and darker colors where you want to hide something. I like to layer light things under dark. For families, shades of two or three colors work well together. Below I used blues, yellows & tan. 
Tip #3 - Be You!
Don't lose yourself in the styling. Remember to wear clothing that is "you." Here I'd let the little toddler girl wear her cute cowboy boots and the tween boy can sport a cool hat. Again, it adds interest & lets the children (or adults) feel good about what they have on!
Tip #4 - Layer
I absolutely LOVE to layer clothing (& not JUST for photographs)! Children are the most fun to layer... and it's so much easier to layer when the weather cools down.  As I have said before, layering adds interest. Here, with six children, I used a primary color palette with hints of pastel for an unexpected pop. The predominant colors are red, blue & yellow. Any combination of these children would look great! For example, the "big girl" & "baby" would be a darling combo or the combination of the "little girl" & "little boy" or "baby boy" = camera ready! Use tanks & tees under button downs or dresses or pair jackets with polos or long sleeve shirts. Vests, sweaters, cardigans, tights & leggings are fabulous pieces to incorporate too. Don't forget about the accessories. Bracelets, bows, necklaces or neckties, a hat or even suspenders can really spruce up an outfit fast! Just remember to keep it somewhat simple.
Tip #5 - Add a little POP!
If you have a pretty simple color palette and your clothing choices aren't full of pattern or a lot of layering, try adding just a little pop of an *unexpected* color! Here you'll notice yellow isn't part of the color palette, but does coordinate well with the green, navy & pink predominant colors. Mom, sister & brother each have just a little pop of yellow. Isn't it fun!?

Have fun with mini sessions this fall!
I love using bunting, hay stacks, pumpkins, signs, etc. for fall mini sessions. Orange & brown seem to be the "go to" colors for pumpkin patch or fall photos. Quite frankly, I love the colors & why not use them? Just try to stay away from putting your children in solid orange shirts, while in the pumpkin patch... they'll blend right in!  I added pops of yellow to little miss (seems to be a trend, doesn't it!?) 
AH! I should have put yellow converse on the little guy here! I'm always thinking... 
Here are a couple images of my family from last year... you'll notice
layering, nice color palettes for the surroundings & skin tone, a couple patterns & a few accessories

Here's a little peek of the collection I put together for my family photos next weekend.
I definitely went with a color palette very different from anything we've worn for photos in the past. 
I just can't resist wearing gray this season!

 As you're trying to come up with a collection for your family portraits, just try to have fun with it. It's so easy to stress over "what to wear!" Refer back to this page & some of my tips... maybe you'll get a little inspired or feel better about changing it up this year!  Do you have questions or just want to leave the styling up to me? I'd love to help you out!

Fashionably Yours,