April 11, 2011

My Weekend Obsession

"The Kennedys," a mini-series on Reelz kept me from doing a lot this past weekend. I watched one episode and was hooked. Loved that they ran a marathon of the entire mini-series!
It was a little like revisiting a history class while at the same time watching a tabloid tv program. I must say though, the acting was fantastic and I have a whole new respect for Bobby Kennedy as he was portrayed. There's the history about what the Kennedy Presidency was like in the 60's, including such difficult times like the Cuban Missile Crisis and segregation, the series also showed the relationships within the iconic family and the alleged Hollywood and mafia connections. John F.Kennedy, or "Jack" certainly had a lot to live up to as did his wife. The entire family has dealt with so much tragedy over the years. Heartbreaking.

These four were the All American family.
It's said that JFK and Jackie were a couple of ultimate style and class. Many women wanted their husbands to dress like President Kennedy and Jackie was adored by women all over the world for her fashions she wore while in the White House and years later. I couldn't help but be drawn in by the impeccable fashions Katie Holmes wore, as Jackie Kennedy.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the most fashionable and glamorous first lady.

With an a-line dress, three strand pearls, over sized sunglasses, Hermes scarf and a Chanel bag, her look was classic and very simple to replicate. Even when she wore the most expensive European designs, she still looked simple. Her style was not only about her clothing, but about the way she conducted her life.

The essentials...

A-line or Sheath Dress
A pearl 3 strand necklace

Over sized sunglasses



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