December 18, 2012

Old Family Christmas Tradition

Tradition lives on... a personal post.
CRECHE: A representation of the Nativity, usually with statues or figurines

For many years these Creche's have been given to countless family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, employees, etc. My grandmother made them with my mom and her brothers, and as "Gigi" grew older, she and my mom would bake the cookies and gingerbread well before Christmas, during trips to visit us in Phoenix. My sister and I would then help my mom assemble these scenes just after Thanksgiving.  As I got older I was less involved in the process; thankfully my mom always had a few spare creche's for me to give to my own friends. Now that I am a mother and my son is old enough to truly begin to understand the true meaning of Christmas, this year he was a part of the Creche tradition with his "Gigi" (my mom) and me. It's a very special tradition I am honored to carry on with her and my son.  

The Creche:
A sugar cookie dough for Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds, angels, Wise men & donkey
Gingerbread dough for the stable
Toasted coconut for the hay
Add some M&M's to the coconut "floor"
Add a bow or Christmas greens to the top of the stable

As simple as this is, it says it all... what Christmas is truly all about, 
the birth of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Two weeks ago my son was riding his bike out front & suddenly came to a stop, called out to my husband and said, (while pointing up to the sky) "Hey Dad! Guess who's Birthday's coming up?!" My husband says, "Who?" Our son replied, "Baby Jesus! Aren't you excited!?" 
Thank you to the teachers at Christ Church School for helping us as parents, lay the foundation of Faith.

Merry Christmas!

December 7, 2012

Kids Holiday Fashion -TV Segment

3TV Fashion Segment

Here's a look at the ensembles I put together for my latest fashion segment on "Your Life A to Z!"
For those of you who don't live in the valley, didn't have a chance to see the segment, or simply want more information about the clothing and accessories I used to style the children, please take a look! 

Look #1
I wanted to create a "monochromatic" look for Miss A. Gray is HUGE this season and faux fur and sparkle are always on trend during the holidays. Animal prints are "in" no matter what the season or your age. Those stretchy shimmer jeans are so comfortable! Not much was spent on this look and all three pieces of clothing can be worn again in a different way, being paired with many other clothing options, which is most economical! A pair of UGG type boots would be adorable with this ensemble as well! 
 Faux Fur Vest/Leopard Sweater/Shimmer Jeans: Target, Shoes/Purse: Children's Place, 
Hair Accessory: Ladybug Bowtique on etsy

Look #2
For this look I wanted to show viewers how to put a little guy in pieces other than an uncomfortable suit or pair of slacks that may only be worn once or twice. Colored jeans have been all the rage for over a year now and since last summer, I've been seeing more and more stores carry them for boys. These are skinny jeans that be dressed up for the holidays or dressed down and worn the remainder of the year. I love this color palette of red, brown & navy. I had to include some unique accessories like the Littlevys deer bow tie & Fore!! check hat! Fore!! Axel & Hudson is one of my absolute favorite boy brands. I purchased this hat last fall & they are still selling it this season. A hat like this NEVER goes out of style... so something to splurge on! Etsy and smaller clothing boutiques and companies are great places to shop for accessories to help make an outfit really stand out.
Uber cool, right?! I think he likes it!
Check Button Down: Mini Boden, Navy Cardigan Sweater: J. Crew Crewcuts, Jeans: Target, Bow tie: Littlevys on etsy, 
Hat: Fore!! Axel & Hudson, Shoes: Gap

Look #3
Miss L rocked the sequin skirt! More of a true "holiday" piece, this skirt can be paired with so many tops and sweaters. I chose to layer the ever popular chambray shirt, giving the ensemble a western flair also adding red boots to the look. Who doesn't love a cute pair of red boots on little girls?! The navy sweater that looks festive with the bright red bow can certainly be worn throughout the winter.  It would be darling for Valentine's Day or birthday celebration. Accessories such as a simple bow to mimic the sweater and gorgeous bead necklace from Miss CoCo Designs, complete this holiday look.  I love using local designers! It's ok to splurge or spend a little more on one item that can be paired in different ways. This look is a nice alternative to a fancy holiday dress that could cost as much as a great skirt, top or sweater that can be worn again. Take off the leggings (or keep them on) & wear these clothes with a pair of ruby red sequin flats too! 
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy, Bow Sweater: J. Crew Crewcuts, Sequin Skirt: Peek, Leggings: J. Crew Crewcuts, Boots: Zara, 
Bead Necklace: Miss CoCo Designs on etsy.

Look #4
This is a more traditional look with a twist! A good looking pair of cords are always a nice alternative to slacks as they are a little more dressy than khaki's or jeans, and much more comfortable. Aren't they great in red?! Here I paired them with a blue stripe button down (it came with the bow tie!), off white sweater vest and hello... a super cool blue blazer! Layering is smart. If he takes off the blazer, he's still very stylish. Bow tie or not, he's still looking festive! I completed the look with a more traditional holiday plaid cap (on sale!). Each of these items could be worn again in different ways as well. I can see the fun blazer with a simple white tee and skinny jeans. The cords could be paired with a long sleeve tee & puffer vest or a sweater during cold months. This off white vest was purchased last winter at the end of the season, on sale, knowing it could be worn again this year. Try to save a little when you can, right?! Trade out the shoe laces with green or blue for fun!
Red Cords: Zara, Blue Shirt & Tie: H&M, Vest (from closet) Macys, Hat: Janie & Jack, Shoes: J. Crew Crewcuts

Thanks again to my little models who really rocked their holiday attire! 
If you need styling help for yourself or children for professional portraits, the holidays, or a special occasion, please email me at 
*Remember SSS when planning your next professional photo session!*

Fashionably Yours,