August 30, 2011

Fall 2011 TRENDS

   For those of you that are new to my facebook page and are now following my style guides and styled photo sessions on the blog, here's a little about MY personal style and what I do!
 I love classic, tailored looks and adore the fashions worn by the late Audrey Hepburn & Jackie Kennedy and follow the style of today's celebs like Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Princess Kate. But, I do keep an open mind when it comes to fashion. I *try* just about any new fashion trend but only own it,  if it feels right. I like the "preppy" looks of Kate Spade and stores like JCrew and Ralph Lauren but am always smitten with the whimsical clothing of Anthropologie that always look effortless!  Their accessories liven up an outfit in the snap of a hair clip. But, I don't like to over accessorize. I am not one to stack tons of bangles & cuff bracelets, hang loads of necklaces around my neck or sport way over sized earrings, (ok, maybe once in a while I'll step out of my comfort zone) and especially NOT all at once!  It's just my personal preference. :) One statement piece usually does it for me!  I can say that my personal style affords me well in my business. In photographing newborns, children, teens and families the goal is to capture the person... the personality... the expressions... the emotions. I don't want to take away from that, I only want to enhance what's already there. I style clients in the appropriate attire and accessories for the type of photo session they'll be having with their photographer. I try to find unique clothing and/or accessories but always keep in mind the budget of the client, the feel of the session and a color palette that is appealing in images and setting of the session.
 I want to remind you all... wear what feels good and wear what you feel confident in. This is my goal as a stylist, to have people look and feel their best and perhaps think a little outside of the box. I have been styling for just under a year now and LOVE it! When I first started styling, my main focus was professional photography sessions. I have styled newborns, children, and families. I then branched out a bit and started personal shopping. It's been a great year of growth! I am SO thankful for the many people who have trusted me to help style them for special occasions and portraits. I have also come into contact with such talented women who create fabulous fashions and I have enjoyed recommending them to my clients.

Since I am a stylist, I of course need to keep up on the hottest trends of each season. This doesn't mean I go out and revamp my entire closet each season and neither do you! Who really has the time and money for that?!  So, I try to find a few styles I like and purchase pieces I can wear several ways, and for a reasonable price. I may splurge here are there but let's face it, when it comes to fashion as Heidi Klum says, "One day your in and the next your out!"  Some trends may stick around for a couple seasons and other, not so popular ones, are out in a flash of the paparazzi.  It's not necessary to hit Saks or Nieman's for the most popular runway looks. Stores like H&M, Gap, JCrew, even Target can give you fantastic fashions for a fraction of the price.  I have always been able to take a Target item and pair it with more expensive shoes or jewelry and a hand bag to enhance the "look." 
I must say, this season's trends DO NOT disappoint! I hope you are excited as I am when you see what fall fashion has to offer us. 
Here's my top 10 fall fashion style guide, ENJOY!

All jeans/pants may be purchased at 
*** I JUST purchased a pair of red and a bold blue last week!*** In fact, I was the first person to try them on and purchase them. The sales girls had just finished folding and arranging the bright pants when I excitedly asked to try them on... SOLD!
I bought them in the BP area and saved a bundle!

Tartan, aka plaid, is seen all over. Blouses, jackets, dresses, maxi skirts and chic ponchos have been made in small and large patterns. All of these styles can be found at

What's more girly than lace!? I am already dreaming up ways to wear this trend. Pair a lace blouse with jeans for a more casual look or a leather skirt if you are more daring. 
These lovely styles may be found at

We have seen our fair share of sequins and this season they hang around but in a bit different form. More of a shimmer or sheen... like liquid! Perfect for the holidays, right?!
All of these styles are for sale at 

I really wanted to find some reasonable faux fur for you... and this is what I came up with. Not the best styling... I think Zappos needs someone to style their shoots.  Try paring a faux fur vest with a cotton long sleeve tee for a completely casual look (as seen above), along with some dark wide leg jeans and a chunky boot, statement necklace and your set. Or, what about wearing faux with a silky blouse & black trousers.
If you're feeling like trying this trend, 


Hisssssssssss, reptile skin shoes are so stylish! Many colors and variations of colors and patterns were seen on the runway. Flats, wedges, stilettos... there all in! What's fun is that these can be dressed up or down. All of the styles above are just under $100 at

 I am uber excited about this trend as my favorite color happens to be RED! Red handbags of all shapes & sizes are being loaded into our stores as I type. Reds all over the red color spectrum are IN! I am thrilled because I have just the handbag to break out for the season, no need for me to go out an buy a new one... although I am sort of in love with the Milly bag in the top left corner!
All *RED* bags can be purchased at

Remember when I said that you can buy trends for a fraction of the price at certain stores? Well, here ya go! Wearing a cuff doesn't have to be pricey and for these prices, you can buy one in all shades of gold and silver! These are each under $15 at

I have to be honest and say that this may be last on my list of trends to try this fall. Not my favorite, BUT  I think I have to at least try a pair... will you?! Here are some dressy and casual styles from

Fall is just around the corner and our boutiques and department stores are getting ready as new styles are being shipped and stocked NOW! Get out and try a couple trends on for size. Think a little outside the box, have FUN, feel good and be confident in your own personal style!

Fashionably Yours,

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