September 23, 2011

Fashion Color Report #3 -HONEYSUCKLE


I was uber excited when I tuned into Kathy Lee & Hoda on Monday to see the fabulous Honeysuckle color. Hoda's dress, her co-host's tie and the beautiful fresh flowers on their host table looked amazing. 
What a statement color! It could definitely be a pop of color in a fall scarf, shoe, or handbag to add to a dressy or casual ensemble.  

Honeysuckle... it's feminine, sweet and delicate.

Here are few sets I created on Polyvore.
Some accessory options...
I love the combination of hard & soft I created with these pieces. 
Ladies, this is perfect for a date night, night out with the girls, or perhaps a holiday party! 
A casual photo session option for mom... the necklace is the perfect inspiration piece to pull together clothing for the rest of the family!
Holy honeysuckle! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these new GAP fashions for babies, toddlers and girls that won't break the bank! 

One of my most favorite vendors I suggest to clients is Vintage Rose Wraps. Here are some of the styles you can purchase, all have a touch of HONEYSUCKLE and would be perfect for a photo session for mom or daughter!
Home accessory options from Flower Hill Design Company
My Pinterest Board

Seriously, how can you not love this cheerful color? It IS Pantone's color of the year for 2011... so if you don't already own some honeysuckle duds, go out and try something on!  I believe wearing this color will make you feel sweet, sassy, cute or classy. It's a color that  blonds and brunettes alike can wear well. Honeysuckle can be easily paired with browns and black for fall. Hooray for honeysuckle... such a SWEET color!
Fashionably Yours,

September 12, 2011

Fashion Color Report #2 - EMBERGLOW


When reading up on fashionable fall colors this one is by far the most popular! It's certainly a fantastic take on the classic red (my most favorite color)... it boarders on hot pink or melon, a mix of orange and pink! Ok, aka... coral. I'm seeing this color in bright AND more subdued shades. This color that is now gracing the racks in stores, will easily be brought into your own closet and make-up cases to lighten up a dark sweater on a gloomy fall or winter day.
The term emberglow just sounds gorgeous, doesn't it?!
 "Emberglow," it's the color of a juicy red grapefruit!

Here are two sets I styled on Polyvore

Some shoes, for all you lovers of TOMS!

 Pop of color accessory options for a photo session

Toddler boy emberglow (POLO)

For the home... add a pop of color in a grey or neutral color room with this pillow or fabric.

More Emberglow
 Costa Chic, MAC

Emberglow Pinboard on Pinterest

This beautiful coral color can be worn really at any time, for any occasion. It's the perfect color to wear now as the summery days fade into fall. Pair it with brown tones, black, greens, even blue. So if your feeling outgoing or want to spice up a drab neutral palette, throw a little emberglow into the mix!
Fashionably Yours,

September 7, 2011

Fashion Color Report #1 - BAMBOO

Throughout the next few weeks, I am going to report on some of the most fashionable fall colors - (according to I will be giving you clothing and accessory options for upcoming photo sessions,  pieces to think about adding to your wardrobe for the new season, as well as show some fabulous accessories for your home! 

 When I think of bamboo, I picture a beautiful tree in fall with the changing color of leaves... a gorgeous "bamboo" color.

Here are some brilliant bamboo finds!
Pair this top with skinny jeans and brown knee-high boots, along with a statement necklace.

For a something a little more dressy, pair this blouse with a black trouser and animal print bracelet.


Shoes & Handbags... here are some uber FUN options!

Accessories for a photo session...

Items for the home... decorating with bamboo

Perhaps you would normally shy away from Bamboo at first glance. Don't rule it out... if even in an earring or shoe. It's a beautiful color, a shade of yellow that screams "fall." It's the color of the changing leaves, a harvest moon, a field of sunflowers.

Here's a set I created on Polyvore... with a little hint of color that will be featured in the next post!
This is my Bamboo Board on Pinterest... feel free to follow my fashion boards!

Hope this gives you a little inspiration to put a little bamboo in your closet this fall or perhaps wear in your accessories for an upcoming photo session!
Fashionably Yours,