May 26, 2016

Party & Photo Styling Advice


Pinterest has become the "go-to" resource for fashion, food, fitness, parties and weddings the past couple of years. I use it not only to gather inspiration for parties and family photos, but also as a place my clients can pin their ideas while I pin mine on a secret board only the two of us and our vendors can see. Need fashion or party inspiration? Follow my pins here. On Polyvore I create inspiration boards for party decor, color schemes and favors as well as fashion sets for family photos from items I clip from many websites. Screen shot below. Apps like Dropbox and Google Docs are useful for sharing important information and photos with clients and vendors. Evenbrite is another fantastic resource for various types of events. Not only can you search for local events on their site, but you can plan your own! Their event management page can help with planning corporate events, fundraisers, meetings and even family reunions! They make it easy to keep track of rsvp's, sales & they process payments. Partyology and Pro Party Planner are two cool Apps for party inspiration, getting in touch with local vendors, finding party supplies and managing a party budget. 

 SELECTING COLOR SCHEMES and decor for parties & family photos 

For a child's birthday party, the theme and color scheme is typically dictated by his or her favorite animal, toy, book, television show, princess, super hero or sport at that time. Sometimes, choosing an invitation first, can be a way to hone in on color choice for a party. Some invites just speak to you, right? My favorite invitation websites are Paper Source, Etsy, Tiny Prints and Paper Style. I also have a couple vendors I use for custom invitations. (Peacock Invite below) Evites are becoming more popular for children's parties and Punchbowl has a large selection of darling invitations for kiddos! (Circus Evite below) I like to incorporate at least three colors into an event and family photos, sometimes using a pop of color or a metallic like silver or gold. I love different textures and layers in parties and family photos. Using special overlays on dining tables or throwing on a statement necklace, scarf or jacket for a photo, definitely add more interest. The location of parties and photos also play a big part in the color choice, decor or clothing chosen. Think about the landscape for your party or family photo session. What colors will complement the space?

Make your party unique-ish
There's truly nothing wrong with the "party in a box" planning that can be purchased at one party store or website. It's easy, it's cute, it's less expensive. I totally get it! So, if you're that kind of planner who doesn't want to hire a pro, go ahead and get the themed napkins, but get a solid plate... in a square. Get a themed Mylar balloon, and bunch it with some solids, polka dots or shapes in metallic. Keep it simple. Less is sometimes more. Especially for kiddos. If you're going to spend a little more, and want to go a bit more elaborate, purchase pieces you might use in your home or at future parties. You know, like he ever popular mason jars in the various sizes. Those can be used for drinks, straws, forks, flowers, games, and so on. Home Goods, TJ Maxx & Marshall's are all stores I frequent for decor items. Some of my favorite decor pieces are ones that I made myself. I gathered shoe boxes, moving boxes and boxes from online orders, some wrapping paper & scrapbook paper to make these large Legos... they made a big statement at this party entrance.

As parents, don't we all "Fear the Favor!" Don't spend money on junk that your party guests will play with for a few minutes in the car ride home, to then be thrown in a box of favors from years past. Be thoughtful in your favor choice. Spend a little more on one themed favor for each child or send each child home with a special cookie. If you're crafty and have some time, make a DIY favor such as a green or blue pool noodle turn light saber for your young Jedi's or a have little princesses make tiaras to take back to their Castles. More adults at your child's first birthday party? No problem... get your guests a little bubbly favor to celebrate!

When hosting a children's birthday party, it's very important they stay occupied. Keep the guests busy with a craft, game and/or presentation. If you don't want to manage the games or crafts, hire a teenager or two, to run them. Many characters for hire will come prepared with a book, game or some sort of activity. The children at this Nautical Party made boats and raced them over and over!

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