Photo Styling Services

On-Line Styling
Professional Photo Sessions

I can make finding the perfect outfits for your upcoming portrait session STRESS FREE... leave the styling and shopping to me!  When I begin styling I like to go with a fun color palette (chosen by the client or myself) as well as an "inspiration piece." This could be an article of clothing, shoes, a fun accessory, maybe even a cool prop, nature or artwork. I use this piece to style most of the collection. I feel it's important for my clients to have many choices when putting collections together. Often times my clients will see that some of the items chosen are interchangeable within the collections given. 

I create three collections for the family or children being styled. Each person will have clothing, shoes and accessories and some collections may even include props. All of these items may be purchased on-line as I do all of this shopping on various clothing sites as well as etsy, for those fabulous unique pieces. 

This option was for a family of four... Mom, Dad & twin boys.

This option was for a family of three... Mom, Dad & their toddler daughter.

In-Home Styling Consultations
Professional Photo Sessions
Sometimes you just need another set of eyes to look through your clothing to pull cohesive looks together. Let me go shopping in your home! It's likely I'll find some great "looks" for whoever it is that needs styling. You never know... that top hanging waaaay back in your closet or tucked away in a drawer could be my inspiration piece!

I will come up with two to three cohesive collections for all persons being styled. Again, each person will have clothing, shoes and accessories chosen for them. All of these "looks" will be pulled together by going through the clients own closets.

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