May 24, 2011

Runnin' around the Railroad Park!

I was SO excited for this session with the darling {S} family as I photographed them for the first time, several months ago. It was so fun to see how much the twins have grown... they are walking (mostly running), talking little people. ADORABLE! Miss {E} is such a ham, I loved it and she's ALL girl! Her bro, little {O} is of course, ALL boy and has a serious side, but I caught him doing a little "happy dance" with his lolly at the end of our session. It was hilarious! I had a ball with this laid back, sweet family! Mom styled the fam in these "cool" summer fashions.

We ended our session with lollipops and happy dances... thank you Mary of (PigCastle), for contacting me to capture your family again!

May 14, 2011

"Unique Clothing For Unique Kids" - BellaJake Designs

When I see beautiful handmade clothing, such as the dresses from BellaJake Designs, I find myself yearning for a little gal! You'll have to see the stunning work of Lauren Therres. She strives to make quality, unique clothing at an affordable price.
Here are a few of my favorites! I LOVE her fabrics!!!

SALE Shila Dress  SALE Penny Dress  SALE NEW Laura Dress
The "Shila" Dress, "Penny" Dress and the "Laura" Dress

These adorable dresses are just perfect for summer or for a summer portrait session! In fact, I just finished styling a family and used the fabulous dress below as my inspiration for one of my collection options for the family. They will be having family portraits taken in Hawaii this summer... all 8 of them! Probably my biggest styling challenge yet, but SO much fun!  I paired the dress with this gorgeous detachable flower from lepetitejardin (can be worn as headband but also has an alligator clip).

    New: Portrait Perfect Soft Pale Lime Dahlia Embellished with Rhinestone Cluster (Detachable) and Lime Green Stretch Ribbon Headband / Fits 10 Months to Adults

I'd love the opportunity to style YOUR next photo session!

Fashionably Yours,

May 4, 2011

Get "Dialed In" and Derby Ready

Who doesn't love a reason to buy a new dress, suit, hat or shoes?
For the past several years my husband and I have been invited by some very dear friends of ours to attend an annual Derby Party/Fundraiser. The first year, my husband bought a seersucker suit and bow tie... I have always wanted him to own the very "East coast" styles and he's never really had a good reason to purchase them. I was thrilled he was game! I had the challenge of finding the appropriate "Derby Hat." I was told I'd see everything from homemade hats adorned with miniature horses grass and flowers to ones with enormous silk bows, feathers and studs that really sparkled. What a scene!
I had no trouble at all trying numerous styles, sizes and shapes of hats. This year I asked myself, do I buy the hat or the dress first since there are such FUN hats out there! I love that I am now building a great hat collection. :) After watching coverage of the Royal Wedding, this year I felt even more compelled to find the perfect hat! I can't say that it's anything 'spectacular' but I added some of my own touches that really complete the entire "look."

Here are some "splurgy" Derby Essentials...
I was close to buying this dress for the event but unfortunately it wasn't the best fit for me - I'd need an enhancement, if you know what I mean! I fell in love with it but couldn't justify the alteration charge after looking at the price tag.
Hat... Lady Diane
Dress... Milly
Shoes & Handbag.... Fendi

A significant other will coordinate perfectly in these!
Khaki Seersucker Suit... JCrew
Tie... Nordstrom

 And of course, something for the little man
Seersucker Suit... Nordstrom

A photo from last year with my lovely friend and "bestie", Natalie :)..


Whether your sipping Mint Julep's at Churchill Downs in "Millionaire's Row", or at an intimate party in your hometown, have fun with your style and dress for the occasion!

My pick this year... Dialed In!

Fashionably Yours,